Buenos Aires Travel
Buenos Aires Food & Restaurant Information

There are plenty of delicious places to eat all over the city.

Keep these key foods in mind!

  • Parilla- Argentine meat grill over carbon.
  • Empanadas- Small pastries filled with meats, cheese, and vegetables.
  • Milanesa- Chicken breaded and fried normally with napolitan sauce.
  • Sandwich de Miga- White bread sandwiches with the ears sliced off. Variety of fillings.
  • Facturas- Little pastries sold in the bakeries. Get them in the dozen.
  • Media Lunas- Croissants that you can get with either manteca (butter) or grassa (oil).
  • Licuados- A smoothie made with fruits and water/milk/or juice.
  • Dulce De Leche- A caramel made from condensed milk. Rich and creamy.
  • Alfajor- A cookie sandwiching dulce de leche. Sometimes covered in chocolate or powdered sugar or 'maicena' style (simple with coconut shavings).
  • Helado- Ice cream! The best- comes in all different flavors.
  • Submarinos- Chocolate dipped hot milk.
  • Cafe- Any coffee in Buenos Aires is usually DLicious! Even if you don't like coffee, you'd sure to fall in love with it. But stay away from Starbucks or McDonalds- they are pretty much the same as the US.
  • Mate- A traditional strong tea drunk bitter (amargo) or with sugar.

  • Restaurants

    Cafe de Los Angelitos- Has great gourmet food at reasonable prices. Any meat or fish dish is something to die for! On Rivadavia street.

    Cumana- Rodriguez Pena and Santa Fez.... They have good pizzas and typical southern American pot food called Cazuela. It usually is really crowded if it's normal lunch or dinner hours, the wait is sometimes 1 hour! But it's good and cheap! And good ambience too!

    Guerrin- Downtown, on Corrientes. Known for its good pizzas. The service is really bad! But I think the best pizzas!

    Territorio- In San Telmo at Estados Unidos 500 crossing with Bolivar, a good place to go when you stop by in San Telmo. Small but really cute and nice atmosphere. Have a wine or a beer or champagne with your country style sandwiches on their home made bread!

    Bella Italia- there's a cafe-bar and a restaurant, I went to the cafe-bar, which had the most really exquisite food, delicious!!! I think the restaurant is only course menus or something.

    Walk around Palermo to find a trendy restaurant to walk into- there's plenty!

    For the Health Conscious, Vegetarians and Vegans

    Buenos Aires is actually full of Veggie friendly foods and markets. Plenty of salads to create on your own, pizzas and empanadas using only vegetables, or try ordering a specialized pasta at a restaurant. Organic shops are also seen around the city.

    Krishna- Hindu restaurant in Palermo Viejo at Malabia 1833. It's a small and cozy restaurant with low chairs. The food is all vegetarian, and really good!!!!!! I loved it! Definetely a place to go when you get tired of all the Parilla (Argentine Grill)...! Try the set plates that they have. Yummy

    Senutre- Healthy deli, really good food! And good bread! Try their breads, if you like the multi-grain healthy kind of breads! It's on Republica Arabe Siria in the 3000s or 2000s. You can walk from Libertador that crosses with Republica Arabe Siria.

    For the Sweet Tooth!

    Argentina is one of the most satisfying cities for the sweet tooth.

    Persicco- The best ice cream place! There are few of them around in different neighborhoods, but I used to frequent the one on Salguero 2591 crossing with Cabello. This one is in front of a little plaza or a park. Very little. If you feel like ice cream go here! You can walk here too. Go from General Las Herras, the street where there are buses, one street before Avenida Libertador. There's another cafe next to it called Nucha.

    Volta- Avenida del Libertador 3060, a chic kind of ice cream cafe. It's chic, the sweets are not really the best.... they look chic though! Walk to Avenida Libertador and turn left and walk for awhile near to where the Jardin Japones (Japanese Garden... it's really fake, quite interesting) is.

    La Dulce Esquina- Okay this is the most best wonderful delicious cake cafe in Buenos Aires. I think! It's on Sanchez de Bustamante and Pacheco de melo. It's on the corner. Definitely go here! They have the best sweets, and also their handmade pizzas are good too. They have a variety of coffees, even with liquor in it! mmmmm A cozy cafe where you can spend hours.

    Havanna Cafe- Located all over town. They have great coffee and alfajors

    Cafe Tortoni- A historical cafe that's been around for years. Try their hot chocolate with churros mmmmm