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Buenos Aires Tango Dancing & Class Information

Experience some tango at the mecca!

Milongas & Practicas- where to social dance tango

Have a glass of malbec wine and enjoy the tango throughout the night. Entradas are between 10pesos and 25pesos. Milongas start around 10pm and go on until 6am depending on the venue. Prime time to go out to these locations are 1am.
Here are just few of the milongas and practicas that I recommend. There are plenty more going on around the whole city.

Monday: Salon Canning (Scalabrini Ortiz 1331)
Tuesday: Porteno y Bailarin (Riobamba 345), El Beso (Riobamba 416), Salon Canning, Practica X (Humboldt 1464)
Wednesday: La Viruta (Armenia 1366), Maipu 444
Thursday: Nino Bien (Humberto Primo 1462), Salon Canning, Confiteria Ideal (Suipacha 384)
Friday: Salon Canning, La Viruta (Go after 3am to get in for free. Order the fresh media lunas con cafe con leche at 4am!)
Saturday: Sunderland Club (Lugones 3161), La Viruta
Sunday: La Viruta, El Beso, Porteno y Bailarin

Outdoor milongas: They go on in the summer time only. It's nice with fresh air.

Where to take tango classes

Many grand tango maestros (teachers) hold 1 ~ 1.5 hour classes all around the city. Group classes vary from 10pesos to 25pesos. Private classes are also available by the teachers with rates varying around 300pesos.
Here are some of the teachers that I recommend.

Jorge Dispari y Maria La Turca (Boedo 942)

Fabian Peralta y Virgina Pandolfi (Tango Escuela Carlos Copello at Anchorena 575)

Francisco Forquera y Carolina Bonaventura (Mariposita at Carlos Calvo 950)

Cristian Marquez y Virginia Gomez

Gabriel Angio y Natalia Gamez

Carlos Perez y Rosa Forte

Julio Balmaceda y Corina de la Rosa

Claudio Gonzalez y Melina Brufman

Pancho Martinez Pey y Gabriela Amalfitani

Fernando Galera y Vilma Vega

Natalia Hills

Gabriel Misse

Javier Rodriguez