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Buenos Aires Tango Dance Shoes & Music

Buenos Aires is paradise for the shoe lover and also those collecting tango music!

Elegant Tango Shoes- where to buy tango shoes

How do female tango dancers dance all night long in those high heels? Well, these tango shoes are made very delicately for the comfort of the feet. Plus, they are elegant! If you want fancy shoes for your dressy occassion, perhaps you should consider stopping by as well?

Comme Il Faut (Arenales 1239 Puerta 3 Dto.M) for Women:
My number one choice! Go here for the most fashionable shoes. Sexy, beautiful, colorful, whatever style and material. At least double the price of most tango brand shoes but you should get one here. You can call it the 'Chanel' of tango shoes.

Flabella (Suipacha 263) for Men/Women:
For good stable shoes go here. They have good quality shoes. Strong and will last. If you need something for all time use, get one here! The only minus is the leather is hard so if you don't like tough shoes, it won't be for you.

Neo Tango (Avenida San Juan 2052) for Women/Men:
They have nice designs too. In styles close to Comme il Faut.

Fabio Shoes (Riobamba 10 Piso 10 Dto. A) for Men/Women:
Go here for dance sneakers! Definitely get them for practice shoes if you plan to dance alot. They will save your feet from wearing high heels the whole time. The designs are decent and you can choose the colors and materials.

Tango Music- where to buy tango music

If you are looking to buy some tango CDs, stop by one of the Zivals stores. They have a wide collection and you'll probably find what you're looking for!

Zivals Centro Store= Callao 395

Zivals Palermo Store= Serrano 1445

My recommended top tango music list