Buenos Aires Travel
Buenos Aires Travel Practical Information

Arriving to Buenos Aires

Fly into EZE Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires
Airport to city center taxi: approximately $30US
You can buy taxi tickets inside the airport when you exit the gate

Transportation in the City

*Taxis (Remises), **Buses (Collectivos), Train (Subte), ***Walk!

* No tips are necessary for taxis. If you are catching a taxi on the streets, make sure it is a 'radio' taxi, and know the location of your destination.
** For buses, remember to save your change, they don't accept bills. To find the bus routes, buy a GUIA of Buenos Aires and it will show you the routes the buses take. It may take you a little time until you get accustomed to this little book!
*** Have comfortable shoes to walk the city. There are many cobblestone streets and dog droppings!

Accomodation and Recommended Areas to Stay

I highly recommend the Palermo area and Recoleta area- the more safe and cleaner areas
For long terms, rent a furnished apartment or stay in a casa de tango (tango house where few people live in the same apartment with several rooms). Hotels can also be found at reasonable rates.


Argentine Pesos

- ATM cards may work on some machines but not always. It's always better to bring US dollars and exchange them at the 'cambio' (always bring your passport to the 'cambio').
- Having a citibank account may also be helpful as there are several citibanks in Buenos Aires.
- Make sure you don't carry around extra large amounts of cash with you in the streets. Keep them safe in your hotel/apartment unless you need them.


Since it is located in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are flipped. Summers are hot & humid and winters are cold & sometimes rainy. Think NY in reverse season.


Spanish - Castellano

You will hear a great difference in the Spanish they speak. You can hear the influence of the Italian and other European immigration in the accent and may take time to adjust to.
The use of some of the words may also differ. One of the prominent one is such as the word, 'vos', instead of using 'tu'.