Journal 5 - December 25

I had to move internet cafe because there's too many mosquitos in the other one. At least 5 mosquitos swarming around...!

It's day 5 and Christmas day!

Last night, I ended up going to Fabian's place and celebrate the eve to Christmas day celebration. We had some pasta and a sidra (cider) for the countdown. We could hear lots of firecrackers outside the window. We said "feliz navidad!" but other than that, Fabian and his brother watched some programs on TV like any other day. We hung out until it was time the milonga would be on.

We headed for La Viruta, and it was again raining outside. The place was pretty packed because the next day is a holiday and people don't have to work. We get a table, and a decide to order myself vino tinto (red wine). I hadn't drunk alcohol so far at the milonga. It's Christmas so why not?! I danced the first dance with Dom, sat down and hoped to catch some dances. I waited and waited but it seemed that I would not get any dances that night. I was feeling quite depressed, but tried to keep my hopes up. Fabian went off to chat with his friend, smoke a cigarette outside, and dance away, so I was alone at the table really wanting to dance and getting quite frustrated and feeling quite alone. "I want to dance!" The wine started taking effect, and I was starting to feel quite nice, other than not getting dances. The music suddenly changed to salsa, and I got a strong urge to dance. I frantically looked around hoping to catch someone's eyes, but it didn't happen. Booo...... Am I getting any dances tonight? As though my mind was read, Dom came along so we got onto the dance floor. It felt good! My body was yearning to dance and I'm getting some dances! They played on some salsa, cumbia, then merengue. Then they went into regular spanish rock. Wine was feeling good, and we kept dancing, who cares that it isn't tango, I'm still dancing. We sat down when the chacarera tanda started up. I watched feeling quite happy, I love to dance, I love to watch dances, I was happy, the wine definitely took a good effect on me...!

When the tango started up again, right on--, I caught eyes with a young dancer that was sitting at the table with Dany (a very wonderful milonguero). My happy ambience stuck with me, I was not tense at all, and I felt the music and tango. This was it! Tango bliss?? It was very crowded so he couldn't do much, but I felt connected and I felt the slight nuances of the music through his lead. It was a wonderful dance! Was it the wine?? His name was Javier, I'm not sure if he dances professionally, but it definitely was a wonderful dance. For the first time in this trip, I felt truly connected in a dance. I was lost in the wave of the music, feeling the center and core of the connection, and I felt like my body was dancing naturally without strain.

In the flow of it, the next dance I danced with Gaby Bortnik. He was one of the owners of the casa that I am staying at. He's a good friend since my first trip. This dance went very smoothly too! It must be the wine!! :) After that, I got one dance after another. I was also able to dance with a dancer that lives in NY called Nay(Nei?). He is an awesome dancer with many many giros that I felt quite dizzy, but still alot of fun! Wow.... I ended the night feeling very very happy. I finally got some good dances and I felt the tango again. This is what it's supposed to be! I think I'll try the wine method until I'm not as nervous or tense dancing here in BsAs. It works quite well it seems!

I got to bed at 8am (wow) since the milonga went on until 7am because of the holidays. Today, I woke up around 2pm. I'm still sort of sleepy so I think I'll get some rest before tonight. Gaby Bortnik had to stop by the casa to see one of the guests out, so he came around 2:30 and we decide to head to get something to eat.

There's really not anything opened today. We go to a cafe in Plaza Serrano in Palermo, there's about 3 cafes open. I order an ensalada with lettuce, tomato, carrots, red beets, and palmitos(?), and a licuado(juice with strawberry, apricot, orange juice). hmmmm refreshing! We chat in Castellano, making jokes, etc. for few hours. It was brain challenging to speak so much for so long in Spanish...! We then headed out to take a drive along the rio. It's closeby. The river is really brown, it isn't something you would want to get into. We get off at some point along the river where there's some people fishing and families hanging out. The sun is strong and bright. We sit down and just catch some sun. My brain is starting to sleep, and my ability to use Castellano is going down by the second. Gaby goes off to make some calls and I sit there in the sun alone. I just close my eyes and feel the sun. How nice and relaxing it is...

We headed back to the casa, there's nothing open along the way. The city is really quiet today. He dropped me off and now I'm at the internet cafe. I think I'll take the nap that my body and brain is requiring before I go to the practica at Villa Malcolm and then Salon Caning. It's been a quiet day so far, not too much going on. This seems to be my 2006 Christmas! Is everyone having a good Christmas?? :)