Journal 6 - December 26

My cell phone got stolen. Last night while I was at the internet cafe, I had left my cell phone on top of the desk. I discovered that I was able to send/receive text and so had it with me. I left the internet place and forgotten about my phone. I walked about 1 and a half block, realized that I left it, turned around and by the few minutes of that, my phone was gone. Gone!! I was in quite a shock. I don't think the phone can be used here in BsAs unless I unlock it... I think. But I should probably stop my service. On my last trip, my digital camera was stolen, too. 2 young guys just came up to my sister who was taking a photo, grabbed it out of her hand and ran. Things happen in a matter of few seconds. Well, at least it was just a phone...

I went to the practica at Villa Malcolm. There were less people, maybe because of Christmas. I danced few dances. A guy from Boston, Dom, and 2 argentinos (out of which one, kicked my toe and peeled my nail), and Robert who is norweigan that lives in Sweden (who is a guest at the same tango house). I had good dances with Robert. Robert is here in BsAs to record classical guitar, that's his profession. Before I go to this internet cafe he was just playing the guitar in his room as well. He had been dancing 6 years, and his dancing was very nice, both close embrace and nuevo style. Unfortunately, other than these dances, I had a bad night. I got really bad dances and then none.... So I spent a big part of the time just sitting... boo I did meet some people from Japan which was nice to chat for a bit.

After this practica, I had a quick dinner with Dom at the parilla restaurant across the street, and then I went alone to Caning. Caning is definitely my favorite milonga. It's a square room with big art paintings and pieces on the four walls. I sat at a table near the entrance. I saw Ezequiel Farfaro and Mauro Peralta, so I went up to them to say hi. I also saw Corina, she's a young dancer that is now 19 and having her second child...! She dances at San Telmo sometimes and is an awesome dancer. I start getting dances, one with a German guy who I knew from my last trip, then a dance with Claudio who is a wonderful dancer. Then, a milonga with Ezequiel Farfaro (oh no milonga!!), then more and more... I got a glass of wine at some point, like I should! :) I relaxed into the dances and I got swept into the night of tango. In the end, Raul from Practica X came, and I was able to get a dance with him. He's a total nuevo guy. Very soft lead, and he uses alot of stutter steps while doing change of direction, so it was quite interesting. Eugenia who was chicho's partner was also there. I guess she now dances with Ezequiel Farfaro. She looked a bit different from 2 years ago. I didn't get to see her dance much because I was dancing, but I hope I'll see her dancing maybe tonight at the practica??

I had a wonderful night dancing at Caning, and I got home earlier than usual around 5:30 or so. Today, I woke up and went to take a class in Chacarera at the Carlos Copello studio in Abasto. I'd always copy everybody and dance it somehow, but I had never taken a class so I met up with Dom, and also Michael (from the tango house). It was fun. We did Chacarera, Gato, Escondido, and a bit of Zamba. Now, I will be able to dance it at the milongas! You just need to remember the different patterns of the song, and it's quite simple otherwise!

After the class, I went to get some lunch at a Parilla, and then now I'm here. In 10 minutes I will be leaving to Tango Brujo for the practica, and then Practica X. Busy day today!! I hope to get some nuevo dances in today...!