Journal 9 - December 29

I've finally made it to the internet cafe. Some areas, there's like 2 or more in one block, but this Palermo area, there's none, except for this one that I found right near Caning... I don't have too much time to write before heading to the practica at Villa malcolm, but here goes!

Last night, I met up with Vanessa, her mother and Corina to go out to dinner in Abasto. Where did we end up going?? :) The same all you can eat Parrilla place as the night before. So once again I ate alot! Vacio and Cerdo, but maybe because I had tons the night before I couldn't eat as much and my stomach sort of started hurting afterwards..!

We then headed to Soho Tango, which is a new milonga that started last year, in Palermo area near La Viruta. The place is a nice restaurant and the floor is in the back of the restaurant. We got there just as the class was finishing but the tables were all reserved already. They created our little table near the entrance of the area. After a certain time, the milonga got really crowded, and very very very very very hot. There were only 2 fans, and then an air conditioner that didn't seem to be making any changes to the temperature. I wore my Fabio shoes, and got my first dance with Jorge who actually sold me my shoes. Fabio shoes are comfy practice shoes, but on a crowded floor where I can only make slight steps, and require sensitivity, they didn't work too well. I felt a bit clumsy and couldn't focus on the dances. Can't blame the shoes? ;) Tuba tango played the night. They were a group of 4; Tuba, Bandoneon, Guitar, Clarinet. I thought it was a bigger group but only a simple quartet. Their simple but clear canyenge style music was very nice. We always hear some played in the milongas in LA but it was refreshing to hear it live. The clarity and simplicity of their music definitely leaves an impression and sticks to your head. At some point in the night, they moved to the center of the floor, with a light pole in the center. We then, danced around the musicians. Quite an idea! It was interesting to be dancing around the music and with only the light from the center light pole(post). I definitely enjoyed that dance, it gives a certain feel. The milonga was getting too hot, so we decided to move on to Nino Bien.

We got there around 2:30 or so after stopping by Corina's house for a moment. It was pretty packed, but after trying to get a table, then trying to get some wine, many people left. So I didn't get too many dances. Some were nice. I ended the night sort of dissatisfied in dancing, but having heard Tuba Tango made me happy. I got back home just when the wine started to get me in the right mode, but it was sleep time!

Today, I woke up to a very hot and humid morning. Ugh.... the room felt really stuffy. I got dressed and ready to go out when my neighbor Michael got up. We started talking about tango music over some mate. He collects alot of music and has quite some knowledge about tango music and it's history. So we started talking about music that's danceable and not, or different orchestras in different eras, or comparing the same song played by different orchestras or in different eras. We got into quite some interesting discussions and findings as we did. It's definitely something to be able to understand the music and dance to it. Maybe I should start looking into the music, and it's history?

I then headed out to meet Vanessa at la Dulce Esquina Cafe. It is located on Sanchez de Bustamante y Pacheco de Melo, right where I used to live. It has really yummy cake and a great atmosphere. I would always come here to just relax on my own, or chat with Vanessa or friends for hours and hours, on my last trip. It was a familiar place and comforting. I was really happy to be back. I sat at the sofa and ordered a licuado and tarta de zanahoria & acelga. hmmmmm Vanessa came after 15 minutes or so and we started our chatting... We enjoyed our chat for 2-3 hours and had some delicious dessert with coffee, then headed out into the humid streets. Sticky!

I went to pick up my shoes that were altered, which hopefully works when I dance. They feel a bit tight on my feet, but it may stretch and it might be right. Just as long as they don't start rotating under my feet and bruising the other foot like it was doing. I got home, took a restless nap, I think because of the feeling of knowing that I will be leaving tomorrow, and then the heat. I've already sort of packed this morning. It is kind of sad and sort of strange to think I am leaving. I now feel like I belong here in a way... hmmmm

Well, I'll be off now to enjoy my last night dancing here in BA!