Journal 10 - December 30

Mi ultima noche----

Yes, last night was my last night and now it's over. (tears) When I got to Villa Malcolm practica, it was really really crowded and the most humid! The air just felt hot and wet even without dancing. There was a performance by 2 girls doing a sort of contact improv/modern/tango kind of dance. I got just a couple of dances, and then Vanessa called me because we were taking a taxi to Caning!

Why taxi to Caning where normally we could walk?! It was pouring outside with thunder and lightning!! When we got to Malcolm there was no rain except for the heavy humidity in the air, and now it was all coming down and flooding the streets. We joked that, BsAs is crying for me "Don't cry for me Argentina..... I will be back" :) How rare for it to pour so much at that hour! We got to Caning and there was a performance by a couple that danced a very traditional style tango. I got myself some wine and danced. The wine took effect, and with my sentimental emotions of having to leave gave some extra feel to some of the dances. We then moved on to La Viruta to finish off the night around 5am. I only danced 2 tandas and the night was over there around 6am. It was over!!!!!

Today, I've woken up, and am trying to buy some cajas de bon o bon snacks or some Havanna Alfajors to bring back to the states. I will probably meet up with Vanessa again and then I leave the apartment at 6pm to catch a 9:40 flight. So sad... I will miss BsAs like I already do!

I feel like it wasn't enough for my dancing but still I got something out of the trip. I got remotivated to work on my tango, there's still so much to explore. The other thing is, the importance of musicality. It is really crucial to hear the music, and then to enjoy the music when dancing. After some point, you get to lead or follow to some degree but what makes the difference to the dance? It is the musicality that you give to the dance. I've had couple of people ask me if I was a musician, and that was a great compliment. Those were the dances when I was really "on" in my dancing. When I feel the music, and it transfers through my core, through emotions and then to the physical dance, it is one of the most beautiful things you can experience. I think... When I get back to LA, I will try to listen to more tango and try to hear the music more and explore my dance on that. I also want to work from elements, and the variations that start from there. LA here I come...! :) And I will definitely be back here in BsAs in 2007..!