Journal 7 - December 25

buenos aires journalMerry Christmas! Has Santa brought you your presents?? The city is very quiet here today, but the usual internet place is open... let me continue on the journal.

After the dinner with Jorge, La Turca and the others from the class, Pascal & Luis and I decided to head for the milonga at La Cachafaz, it's the same place where Nino Bien is. All milongas have their own name even if they are held at the same place, if they are run by different people. We used a taxi knowing that the area is not quite good. The milonga was not as packed, but nice. Pascal & Luis seemed to know alot of people here, they were greeted and seemed to be busy. The orchestra that night was Sans Souci (BTW, the orchestra that I couldn't remember the name, playing at La Viruta was Arranque.) and the performance that night was Robert Herrera again with Natacha. Gabriel arrived and we started dancing. While we were dancing we saw, Gavito again! Lately, we realized that Gavito is our meter to see if we are in the right place or not for the night! If he's there, we're in the right milonga, if not, the wrong place. So far, so good, every night we see him, or does he show up at all the milongas every night?? Around 5, my feet started to tremendously hurt and we stopped dancing. Before I left for BA, when I went salsa dancing at Steven's steakhouse, I got stepped on very hard by a girl on heels, and ever since it's been pretty bad... so my foot was swollen like the many empanadas that I've been eating here.

Next morning was the day before Christmas. We found out that no one had tango classes that day. We dropped off our laundry and finding out that we won't get it back until Friday, the day after Christmas! So far, I haven't seen regular coin laundries here, they do it for you. Feeling a little insecure about leaving all my clothes there, we headed for Cabildo, which was alive with people doing last minute Christmas shopping. Maybe you wouldn't say last minute, because it may be their first time Christmas shopping..? I walked around and found a $6 pants, and $4 top. A small present for myself, that I can wear for dancing. I need to go back to El Abasto mall for more shopping, just keep my purse locked until then!!

buenos aires journalAfter our shopping and some time at the internet cafe, we got ready and headed for the Christmas dinner with Gabriel's family. His two brothers(Dan and Martin) with their wives and children, his mom, and one of his brother's wife's parents were there. We had some delicious quiche and turkey with wine. Later on having some great Argentine Champagne, helados and hand made cake for dessert. I caught on with some of the conversation, I might be getting a little bit more accustomed to Castellano Spanish... and the poor dog that I had some communication with the other night, he was tied up because he would get so afraid of the firecrackers outside and try to run away. Yes, there are so many people doing firecrackers on Christmas, you'd think it's war or something, it's funny how they celebrate!! We were entertained by Tommy, the 3 year old child of Dan, opening up his presents, "Mi regalos, mi regalos!" He seemed to love the toy story water gun and would pretend to shoot everybody and would not really care about the other shoes, pants, drawing pens that he got,... but if we would put them away, he would start asking where all his presents are! Very adorable, how children are! Later on, Gabriel and I danced some tango for them, they seemed to like it, even little Tommy. We had a nice, homey, family Christmas dinner, I felt very happy to be able to be part of it.

It was already 3 by the time we were home and settled, and we let my feet rest for the night.

Today, Christmas! It's really quiet outside, most of the stores are closed, and the firecrackers have stopped. I had previously called up a chiropractor to look at my feet bones. I waited eating my breakfast, and looking at the free tango magazines here and listening to a tango station on the radio. I swept the floor a little, it seems to be getting very dusty here. She arrived in a red dress (she dances tango, and she used to live in the US) and we talked in English (great!) while she worked on my left foot, the one that was stepped on and swollen. Thankfully, their seems to be no cracked or broken bones, maybe some bone bruises. She fixed the alignment of the small bones in the feet, making them feel so light! I realize how much I use my feet! Now my right foot seems to need attention too!

Now I'm here at the internet cafe. Later on, we will head to the Club Espanol milonga for dancing and to see the competition...! Exciting! Hope you're all having a relaxing Christmas too!!