Journal 10 - December 31

buenos aires journalIt's already the last day of the year! I don't exactly know how It's supposed to feel, but I don't feel like it is. I remember that last year on this day, I suddenly performed tango at the Russian Roulette that night, which was a disaster!! Thank goodness, I know I've improved since then!!! Now back to my journal!

December 29, I woke up late, to recover my cold. I did get a good night sleep and felt very refreshed. We took a slow day, going to the supermarket and getting things we haven't been able to for these couple of days. Then going to the internet to catch up on my journals, emails, and others. We left for Jorge's class at Dandi in the evening. Dandi is a very nice place, I guess It's kind of like a tango accommodation & restaurant or something. We started the class on just walking, which is the most important thing in tango. Just simply walking together. We worked on walking in front of each other, which is one of the things we don't exactly have yet. Then a nice sequence with giros for the women, and lapis, enrosques, sacadas for the men. It was a very elegant sequence, once we got it down right, timing and all. We finished off the class at 11 and then got into Jorge's car with La Turca to go for dinner in the neighborhood.

At dinner, Jorge and La Turca told us many things, which of course I bugged Gabriel in translating every single word. It was such interesting things. About tango, and the relation between the couple. They said some interesting things, that you have to know the feeling of love, in order to dance tango, whether It's to someone else, or the partner. If a couple dances with only techniques, the audience will not feel anything. If they know how to dance with emotion, even if they don't have techniques, the audience will feel tango. Having dinner with Jorge and La Turca, I can see that they are very passionate and very much in love with each other, tango, life, and their chicos(students). Again, I felt very happy to know great people, maestros like them. Jorge also gave me a compliment, which really encouraged me, that I dance in a natural way, which gives more potential of growing in tango. As I've said before, you can't fake in tango, and you can't act to be pretty, It's not a competition of doing high level tricks, It's the simplicity of walking and being together with your partner and music, being yourself, loving life and living the moment!

buenos aires journalAfter the dinner, we all headed for Canning. It was not as crowded as the other weeks. We saw our Italian friend and got a table at the corner. I wore my wonderful polka dot shoes from Comme il faut! I just love them!! They are so comfortable, and you can do a lot of adornos in them, and they look great! For some reason, this night, I danced all the tandas, maybe It's the magic of the shoes!! (wink, wink) I was in the corner, and I didn't even try to make eye contact with anyone, but tanda after tanda, someone would come up to ask for a dance. And, the very happy thing is, that they were all great dancers! An Italian professional called Mateo, he performed the other night at Club Espagnol, he was very musical in his steps. Then Daniel, who performs with Senor Tango! one of the best performing groups here in Buenos Aires, he danced with much grace and you can feel the music through him. The orchestra Los cosos de la lao!was playing. Like their name (something weirdish right next door kinda meaning), their music was more contemporary, not the typical tango, but also not like Gotan project! or Narco Tango! I liked that different feel, the melody changes to slow and fast, and it was not the easiest music to dance to, but if you get into it, just wonderful. I can see some of the older generation leaving, one of the Gavito table man, holding their ears!(BTW, we haven't seen Gavito for awhile. Gavito has cancer, and by rumor we know that he is told 2,3 months by the doctor! Maybe that performance, was something special! I had some really good dances that night! I was very very very happy and content! My feet hurt a little, but not too bad, I love the shoes! I realized that 2 weeks ago, the first night, I went to Canning, and I didn't like it at all. I almost hated it, because I didn't feel like I was dancing, there were too many people, and I couldn't feel it at all. What a difference! I can totally feel the music, and dancing, and the moments of the tango with the person you're dancing with. What a difference!!!

We got home around 5, which was not that bad, but during the morning hours, we were woken up by 4 telephone calls. Who calls tangueros in the morning!!! Not having much good continuous sleep, the whole day was not very enlightening. But peaceful, I guess? We went to Jorge's class at Villa Malcolm at Cordoba. Another sequence with giros, sacadas for the ladies, lapis, enrosques, boleos, and sacadas for the men. This was a very pretty sequence. I loved it, I memorized the men's footwork here! After class, all of us went to the place across the street to celebrate year end. We got two long tables, one Castellano speaking, other English speaking. We were at the English speaking table, and had conversation with the couple from Canada. So many people are here in BA for tango. Like salsa, it's a world wide dance, but the center mecca is Buenos Aires for sure! We toasted with apple cider and wished us a great new year!

After dinner, most of the group headed to Cachafaz, we headed to Porteno Bailarin. The place was packed when we got there. Ernesto & Stella was there with their usual group. We put our things down at the furthest end of the second floor. The first dance, someone came up and tapped me on the shoulder while I was walking, it was milonga. But guess what, I am getting very used to it! And to relax and enjoy it more! What improvement! It's not still there, but Iím breaking my fear of dancing it and for some reason, people ask me to dance milonga often, do I look like a milonga kind of person?? Then, we got back to our seats, I danced with some of the younger generation. (The first floor consisted of older people, the second floor with younger.) I guess they were professionals here in BA too. They were very good, smooth, and to the music. One of them was called Gabriel, he said he danced salsa as well, and knew some good places to go to. He was kind of sturdy looking, but he danced very smooth and rhythmical, we've seen him before dancing really good Chacarera, maybe we can get chacarera classes from him! Another guy called Gustavo Rosas, he was small built, but his style was very fancy, like a Porsche. He let you do a lot of boleos or adornos, but so much to the music. There are so many great dancers here! I really have to move out here!! ;) Near to the end of our night, we noticed Makela was here from LA. We greeted her, there are so many people from everywhere right here in BA at the moment!

We took a good rest, and today is the last day of the year! Tonight we will countdown, at Gabriel's father's house. Then La Viruta to dance away until the morning!