Journal 11 - January 1

buenos aires journalHappy New Year!!! It's the new year, 2004!

Yesterday, I spent the countdown with Gabriel's Dad and family, friends. It was a nice modern house, with white walls and wooden floor, nicely decorated. We were greeted with Champagne, and lively music: Bossa Nova, Regae, Hip'hop,.... The dinner was tasty, and everyone was talking happily. I enjoyed the happy atmosphere. When 12 came around, we toasted, and hurried to the window. Alot of people were doing fireworks from their apartment balconies, you can see them over the buildings, and you hear the firecrackers, and car alarms going off. Crazy! There was no one on the streets though?! Happy to be celebrating New Years in Buenos Aires, and missing those that I can't spend it with... still happiness filled me, and I felt like this year will be a good one! I am thankful for everyone who supports me to let me be!!! It will probably be another adventurous year for me. I hope it will be a special year for you all too!!

After dinner, around 3am, we left to go to La Viruta. People were on the streets now, catching taxis to go to their next destination. La Viruta was not as crowded as I thought, but still crowded. I guess people have their family and friend things to do here! I was feeling pretty drowsy already with all the champagne we had. We sat, danced, and had a cup of espresso. That was just what we needed. After that, I started dancing, and I believe it was non stop... all the long tandas. I had a dance with Gabriel Bortnik, the guy I met at Porteno Bailarin the night before. We started dancing when the DJ was playing cumbia, rock en espagnol, etc... It was cool dancing to something else, other than tango for a change. He leads cumbia really well, and he was the one who told me that he knows the salsa places to go. We have decided to go out to salsa tonight! It's supposed to be a good night, and on top of that, the place is closing for awhile for renovation, so all the salseros should be there! Exciting! First salsa of the year! Anyways, I had some other good tangos for the night, and by the time we knew it, it was already past 7:30. My feet were at their extreme limit. The place closed down, it was very sunny and bright outside.

This morning, or afternoon?!, we woke up, and you can still here some leftover firecrackers going off. Pan dulce, yerba mate tea... the new year starts. I left to go to an internet place, the whole area was dead quiet. I guess everyone is at their homes just relaxing. No stores are open, except for some internet places. Kind of bored, but I guess, relaxing sometimes is good...

Tonight, we will have dinner at Gabriel's mother's house and I will run off to salsa!!! I am excited!!! Hopefully, I will also go to dance tango afterwards, that is, if I don't get too much into the salsa!! Well, I hope you all have a good holiday and a great new year!!!