Journal 13 - January 6

buenos aires journalFor the night of January 3, we did 3 milongas once again! We are definetely crazy. Sunderland, which we've heard was supposed to be good, was very depressing. There were old people, and they all danced to the old type of tango music. The cortina music was old swing kind of music. The place is like a big basketball court. The dancers were pretty good, they moved around the floor at a faster pace, which made it much easier to dance. We waited and danced for awhile but seeing that it didn't change we decided to leave. We moved on to La Terraza. Okay, here the people were. It was the opening night here and I guess the usual crowd at Sunderland were all here. It's an outside terrace, nice marbly floor, high trees surrounding the place, nice music and lighting. The fresh air was perfect for dancing on this cool summer night. Since it was already almost 3, people had started leaving, that gave us more floor to dance on. We saw Ezequiel Farfaro at one of the tables. Finally, we get to see him! He was on tour in Amsterdam around Xmas and New Years. He was one of the people I wanted to see since Long Beach Fireworks Event. It was nice to see a familiar face. He is dancing at Piazolla Tango Show, maybe we will be able to see it. We enjoyed the atmosphere for awhile, and then decided to go to La Viruta to end the night... of course. It was already past 5 when we got there. I was getting hungry, so we ordered some media lunas and coffee. We saw Gavito again at the table. I was really happy to see him, for me, he is a symbol of a tanguero at the milonga. We can see that he was not as strong as he was a week ago, but still, I was happy to see him there. We saw other dancers that were at Sunderland or La Terraza, I guess we were everywhere...! In the end, I got to dance salsa with Gabriel Bortnik, the tango dancer who dances salsa. I was enjoying the salsa blast on my high heel tango shoes. Then, the second song that they played was Charlie díCali's Salsa Brava!! I was so excited, I had to explain that it was a song made for our group, and etc... He was surprised! I will need to let Charlie know when I get back to LA, it's all over the world!! The salsa got me in the very end, I was sweaty sweaty sweaty, boy, salsa is really athletic! It was already 7 or something when we finished the long night once again!

The next day I woke up around 3, I think... I was planning to go to La Recoleta to see the city. La Recoleta on Sundays have a big market. I have to finish off my journal here, but this day was a great adventure for me! Stay tuned for the next journal, it's not tango... hehe