Journal 4: August 24, 2013

Day 4~5: Last night, we performed at Confiteria Ideal to live performance with UniTango Orchestra. Thanks to Andrea and Gato for inviting us to dance together this night. La Ideal is one of the very historic locations, beautiful high ceilings with heavy columns along the room, marble floors, and wooden decorations & mirrors along the wall. It smells of the time passed, and tango seeps through the walls. You can sense all the years of tango that happened in the room: the legends, the milongueros, and up to the current generation of dancers & foreign visitors. What a treat to be able to perform here, and to the live music of UniTango Orchestra. We performed to "Pa' que bailen los muchachos" solo and then "Para Dos" with Andrea & Gato. The people were very sweet to come and congratulate us for the performance. We made some new friends who are Argentine dancers from Munich, and shared our passion for Tango. Here, you find those alike, who really LOVE this dance. It's such a joy to be able to share this passion. I fall in love with tango even more in this town, in these locations that breathe tango. As we were getting ready to leave, after we've taken our tango shoes off, we hear a beautiful DiSarli tanda. Something about the music echoing off the walls, filling the room up to the very last inch of the high ceilings, you just can't resist, the tango is so alive, it's overflowing! We end up dancing in our street shoes, me with my clunky boots, in the side of the room... But you know what? This could have been one of the best tandas we've ever had, losing ourselves in the fullness of the music. Intoxicated in tango, where tango is breathing alive...

We were super hungry since we didn't have any dinner, we decide to go to our usual cafe on a corner on 9 de Julio. It's open 24 hours. The food here is great! It seems like a clean, classy, cafe. But we've realized that some night time business goes on here with ladies who spend time with their clients or wait for new ones. We start to recognize some of the "regulars". I am sure they wondered if Laurent had picked me up somewhere, as I'm going there few nights in a row with heavy make-up. Another side of life in Buenos Aires...

Today, we went to see the semi-finals of the stage category. 51 couples, 37 that passed the preliminaries this time, and 14 champions from the sub-competitions. Just breath-taking and spectacular! It would be like a 10 course meal in a 5 star restaurant, or as though you would choose only the highest quality fruits & vegetables to make an extract of the purest/richest juice and we could soak up all the vitamins and nutrients into our blood. My heart was pumping with excitement and awe at the amazing dancers. These dancers can express every single note and breath of the music, every single expression that the music can ever have. That's choreography, when you understand everything about the song you are dancing to, and you become a part of the music, every single part of the music. When the notes hit, you move, and as the notes hang in the air, your bodies continue moving, expressing the lingering until the very last moment. These dancers do that. There were several moments that I had tears in my eyes, I was completely moved by their expressions, it could be, a sharp turn of the head of the man to the woman that led into a strong walk together, the woman arching back and extending her arms so gracefully into the air as the man keeps her in his arms, the two doing an extremely quick and connected sequence in the variation, and just the intense connection of the dance... One day, I want to dance like them, one day I would like to move people as much as they have for me. So much beauty can exist...! And I know that behind this powerful & passionate 3 minute dance that each couple brings, there are 1000s and 1000s of hours of sweat and tears. To see 51 couples, cream of the crop, bringing this on one stage is just incredible and spectacular! What a blessing to see this, and what a blessing that we got to perform amongst them in the preliminaries...! One day, we will be there to join them.

I want to congratulate Tomas & Gimena for their amazing performance! Gimena, in a stunning silver/black shimmering dress, she is divine and a goddess, a tigeress, and a queen. Tomas, sharp and sleek who takes in all her passion and drives it continuously to the next step with so much intention. They had so much presence together, so much expression, the audience was in awe, I was so proud and happy for them, our maestros, I had tears in my eyes. They've passed to the finals for Tuesday. Hurray! Can't wait to see them on the big stage in Luna Park live!

Buzzed from all the amazing dancing, we decided to go to La Boca, Caminito, to get a bit of sight-seeing in. Cute place, touristy, but that's good sometimes, too.

I wonder what's on the menu for tonight's activities...! Exciting days continues~