Journal 7: August 27, 2013

Day 8~9: The fin...!

Stage finals at Luna Park was a show! I did prefer semi-finals where we got to see everything closer to the stage, and where we saw 50 couples perform. Finals were 20 couples. One of the biggest things were that, Fatima & Hugo did not perform. We were really looking forward to seeing them, and we expected them to perhaps win. They were disqualified since they had performed with Corporacion Tango during the finals of Tango Pista the night before. Where the rules of the competition state that participants were not supposed to be a part of the organization or program, no one had noticed that, until someone had pointed that out to the organization that night. What a disappointment! I think many of us were very disappointed. Still, the night was magnificent with an array of highly talented dancers showing their best performances. I wouldn't have known how to judge them, they were all champions in my eyes. Tomas & Gimena did amazingly, I think it was their best dance during this competition, with precision and expression. Their personalities and presence shined! Congratulations to all the dancers, they are all definitely an inspiration for me and to many!

For the night, we went out to Salon Canning, 2nd night in a row. There was live orchestra and performance by Pancho and Lorena. Great night, great energy in the milonga! We were tired but it was Laurent's last night in BsAs.

So yes, he has headed back to LA this morning! And I am left now with a little bit of emptiness and sadness. The mundial is finally over! It is strange to think that it's done after months of working towards it. It was long but very short...! It's come to the end. I really am thankful for this opportunity and experience, and I really hope we can be back again soon.

I've now moved into a small apartment, and am here now for another 3 and half weeks to enjoy taking classes and dancing, soaking up tango here. I've gotten some groceries that I've stocked up in the fridge, internet is going and I'll be heading out to some classes soon to continue to another night of milonga in Buenos Aires. And tomorrow starts the Mujercitas Festival. And so it continues, more tango...