Journal 15 - January 8

buenos aires journalOn January 5, Monday, we decided to go to Tigre, the river in Grand Buenos Aires. Since we hadn't gone to the milonga the night before, it would be perfect to wake up earlier so we get to go there during the daylight hours...! For some reason, alot of the people would ask me if I'd ever been to Tigre, and then the artist from Recoleta making me the "Sauce Lloron" tree which you can find in Tigre.

We used the trains to get there. We passed very nice areas with bigger houses made of brick, and grass lawns. Cute train stations with themes for each one. The whole trip reminded me of when I traveled through Switzerland or France on the trains. Just local, quiet scenery. It definetely was a relaxing trip, just what I needed after these long tango focused days.

We got to Tigre, and waited at a restaurant for the catamalan boat we would be going on. Lately, being so busy, I haven't been eating as much. I think I lost weight, which is good! Tango is so mind restricting, and you think of it so much, that sometimes you forget how hungry you are! Anyways, I had a light salad, and Gabriel had some beef sandwich and salad. We got onto the boat for a 1hour 50minute trip. It was a very hot sunny day. I tried to hide away from the sun, but realizing that it is so much nicer to be in the breeze on the deck, rather than the closed area on the bottom floor, I decided to take some sun. I could see the Sauce Lloron on the river banks. Boats and houses, some people swimming in the river, just quiet scenery, but so relaxing. I sat on the rail on the deck, closing my eyes and almost falling asleep. The sun and wind were just perfect.

The boat finalized the round, we reached the docking area again. We got back on the same train and headed back. We stopped by at the cafe at the station. The station's theme was art. The cafe was small and local but with very pretty decoration, it's right on the platform of the little station. They had nice photography on the walls, and advertisement of art exhibitions or bienales. Red and green wooden windows that faced the platform, wooden furniture, counter, and the sun pouring in. With some cafe late and lemon pie, it was a perfect break. An old man was sitting on the opposite platform, just sitting, he did not take any of the trains that would pass by. We decided he was on his own train that took him through time and memories. That was the kind of station it was. You can just be sitting there, and it seemed okay.

buenos aires journalWe had a class though, so we headed back. Got ready, and reached Jorge's class at Dandi. After the relaxing day, I felt like concentrating on the tango again. Feeling renewed, I felt my steps more stable and longer. Taking some breaks are good. Another good class with a step that is simple but complicated because of its' simplicity. We finished class and headed for dinner. We stopped at a restaurant that is old with posters and photos of tango things. Buenos Aires is definitely where the tango is. Finishing dinner, we headed straight to Canning for the dancing.

Canning was not as packed as usual, maybe because we were there earlier, but still it did not fill up as much. There were still good dancers. I danced with Pancho, who is a professional tango dancer now dancing at Esquina Carlos Gardel. He dances very rhythmical and musical, it is very pleasant to dance with him. I enjoyed the Milongas that we danced in the beginning... I am getting a little bit by bit used to it... I got to dance a salsa with Fabian another professional tango dancer at Esquina Carlos Gardel... and of course danced some tango with him. Danced with a Brazilian Tango dancer, and many many more people. I was very happy, I realized I had many great dances that night. I was their until 6 in the morning! Outside you can see the lightning and thunder, I guess it was raining, but it didn't really matter. I just danced off, enjoying each single dance. My feet hurting...but my heart soaring in tango...

We caught a taxi in the rain, when we reached back we found the room all wet. Both of our beds soaked with the rain, it was right next to each window.... oh well.... at least it didn't rain while we were in Tigre...!