Journal 16 - January 13

buenos aires journalYes, it's been quite awhile since I sit at an internet cafe. This week has been crazy, it's like I am cramming in all I can before I leave this Friday.

Tuesday January 6, we went to Jorge's class at Cordoba. In the daytime, I don't think I did anything in particular I don't remember. At Jorge's class, we reviewed some sequences and concentrated on dancing. This day, it was really really really hot and humid. It was difficult to concentrate on the class. By the time the class finished, I felt faint and dizzy. I can feel myself on the edge of catching a cold. We got a ride to Porteno Bailarin, and walked to Guerrin for a dinner before dancing at the milonga. At Guerrin, I ordered a piece of Pascualina, a traditional Argentinian dish like a quiche or tarte, and a fruit salad with apples, oranges, melon, and celery. I stuffed them in like I hadn't been eating, which I realized, maybe was true I guess with all the excitement and anxiety of dancing, I hadn't been eating as much. I am glad I got my appetite back otherwise it's not like me!

Feeling energized, we went back to Porteno Bailarin. The place was pretty packed. We sat at one of the further floors, and as usual, waited to get some dances. It's always gradual. In the beginning, I see who is around, I dance a couple of tandas, and then, after awhile, I realize that I am dancing almost all the tandas! During the night, there was a performance by the Italian couple, Stefano and Marcella. They are one of the couples that performed at Club Espagnol at Christmas. Again, they danced beautifully, I like the elegant way Marcella dances, and they look really good as a couple. The whole place was applauding for more and more, even though they are not Argentinian, they have true tango with them. I hope one day my dancing will be as strong as well That night, I had some very good dances again. I danced a milonga with Ricardo (I think he is professional), a tango with a young guy 17 years old, Julio the massagist that dances Gavito style, Damian the bar owner that I see at the milongas almost every night, a stylish tango with Gustavo Rosas, a most beautiful tango with Pancho using the whole floor. I felt VERY happy when I left the milonga, I am getting really wonderful dances! Now, I feel what the tango in Buenos Aires has. It is a beautiful feeling you get, the music, the emotions, the embrace, the moments Once you get to know this, I don't think there's any possible way of living without it

buenos aires journalWednesday January 7, for the first time we went to Jorge's milonga class. Somehow every Wednesday was Christmas Eve or New Years Eve and there were no class until now. At the class, we saw Gustavo Rosas. Jorge's class is a class for all levels, but people who are serious to learn real tango. There are always professional dancers that come to his classes to get ideas or tips, and encouragement from this great maestro. We started again with the milonga basics with traspie, and then some variations taking only one of the traspies and putting it together with a basic. We did not do anything fancy, but this was something very useful in order to dance milonga. We definitely received a lot through this class.

After Jorge's class, I was ready for a ladies technique class by Aurora Lubiz (who dances with Jorge Firpo). We headed downtown. We stopped by a restaurant called Etre for a lunch. The food was not good but the price was cheap, and the restaurant had a nice atmosphere. I took the leftover food to go, I wanted to give it to one of the children that asked you for some money. Even though the economical situation is better, there are still many beggars. We see children rummaging through the garbage looking for food. There is a system here that you put food in a green plastic bag, so that it is easier for the people to find the food only, and not spread the trash on the streets. We once passed a McDonalds when it was closing, they were throwing tons of green plastic bags onto the streets, and many waiting for them. All the food that we waste in the US, it makes me think So, after the lunch (or dinner) while we were walking, a young boy of about 6 years old came up for money, so I handed him the carton. He took it and walked away. It was still warm, I hope he enjoyed it

Aurora's class was located near Florida Street. This is another big street with many boutiques and a big mall, quite touristic and expensive. On Florida Street, we saw some people doing a show, okay flashy dancing, but not really tango but I guess it's good for tourists. We passed it and reached the studio. It was a nice clean studio, that reminded you of a ballet studio. The class was also like a ballet class all girls, pretty, prompt, and listening intently for directions. Somehow, I felt uncomfortable, being so proper and girlish At the beginning of the class, we said hi to Jorge Firpo, he seemed to remember me from the Long Beach Tango event. He had spoken to me in Japanese back then, a lot of tango dancers tour in Japan. For the class we did some excercises with adornos, which is something that can be useful. It was a long class, so I felt exhausted afterwards, and trying to get used to the atmosphere I was planning on going to La Nacional to dance at night, but I guess I was really tired. I took a nap and getting up at 2am, never got the energy to get ready. But, I missed the dancing that I could have done. I know I was falling in love with tango!!