Journal 18 - January 18

buenos aires journalI still can't get over the fact that I am back in LA!...

January 10, we went to Jorge's 5 hour class at Confiteria Ideal. We were practicing our walking and some of the sequences that we had learned. At some point, we figured out the solution to the embrace. It was a simple thing, about using the hands on the lead, the fingers, but it was something that gave such a big difference to everything. I can feel Gabriel's lead much better, and I can see that he feels in control. It was a new platform, you feel in sync, this is how it feels to be dancing. Discovering this, we enjoyed simply dancing to the music during this long lesson. Another progressive class.

We dropped by the apartment and went to Gabriel's brother Dan's house for a dinner. We had barbeque meat from the grill on the patio. The meat was great! It was a cozy dinner with Dan and his wife Vanessa, and child Tommy. After relaxing, we were ready for another long milonga night! We went to Sunderland, we knew Geraldine & Javier were going to be performing. We sat at a table with the assistants from Jorge's class. There were a lot more people this week, the week before it was empty because most people had gone to La Terraza for its opening night. I can see some familiar faces in the crowd. After some dancing, the show started. They were just awesome, just purely the best tango dancers in the world. They used the whole big basketball court floor, with long steps walking together and doing some flashy tricks which I hadn't seen in the other performances. They were just beautiful that night, Geraldine was playing with her footwork, and Javier with the sacadas, they were so together and enjoying the dances, it was just beautiful! They were like a jewel that dropped from the heavens. A lot of us were moved, my heart was beating and full, I may have cried. It was just so beautiful! I could only sigh. I wonder how it would be to be able to dance like that, and to give the people watching, so much! I couldn't dance after that, I could not break the beautiful feeling that stayed ringing inside me.

buenos aires journalWe left for La Viruta to end the night. It was already past 4 when we got there. We saw a lot of the people from Sunderland had moved there as well. It was packed! We finally squeezed ourselves into a table at the corner of the floor, which was very good. I got a great first dance with Gustavo, which picked up my night. He lead many different moves, very rhythmically, and I enjoyed following his smooth lead. It was a fun tanda. Then they started playing some Rock n' roll, I looked over to the tables where I knew some people danced this. I caught Fabian's eyes, and we met up on the floor. I had never danced Rock n' roll with him, but we had a blast! We were sweating when we got off the floor, but we decided to dance the next tango tanda. I guess we were grooving now, it was one of the best tangos, we played with the moments and music, the embrace was very comfortable and I felt the tango. The night was finishing off, it was the last tanda. I danced with Julio who dances Gavito style. The music was great, I was in it. I was sad to see the night finish. I said goodbye to Pancho and Carlos Coppello standing by the counter, Gabriel & I will definitely go see their show at Esquina Carlos Gardel tomorrow.

January 11, it was Sunday. I went to Recoleta to the artesanal market at the park. I wanted to get some things that I had seen the week before. I walked through the booths, again stopping each time I see something interesting. I would never get bored herefe I got the things that I wanted, and took a taxi to El Abasto, a big shopping mall nearby. I got a couple of things here and there, and finished off my shopping. I really like the fashion here in Buenos Aires, many of the things are very original. If I had more to spendfe but it was good enough looking around. I stopped at a cafe to have my dinner or late lunch before going to Esquina Carlos Gardel. I had a pascualina made with verdura, and a cafe cortado. My feet were pretty tired from walking around all day.

At 9:45, I stepped outside of the mall, to go to Esquina Carlos Gardel at the corner to meet Gabriel. The show was to start at 10:15. It would be really exciting to see the dancers that I've been dancing with in the milongas, perform on stage! Gabriel arrived and we entered. We were only seeing the show, so we got a seat near the bar which was higher than the dining floor, and got a great view. We took some Cinzano, and watched the show. This show was something very different from Senor Tango. It was not as touristic, the scale was smaller, and with the typical stage setting, with more focus on the tango dancing. The orchestra was mellow, the violinist was great. The dancing was more synchronized in the group dancing, but the solos were all very original. You can see each dancer was very strong not only with tango. It was a pleasure seeing, Carlos Copello, Pancho, Fabian, and Fernando that I knew from the milongas. They, of course, had their stage presence, and it was almost like they were different people. It was beautiful! It was a quality performance, and I enjoyed it very much. We waited afterwards to greet them.

With Pancho & Fabian, we headed to El Beso milonga. It was a smaller place, but there were a lot of people there. Gabriel met up with the DJ to get some music that he can play at his milonga in LA. I sat while the 2 dancers gulped up some empanadas. There was a short performance by El Pajaro and his partner. They were a fairly new couple, with much personality. Pajaro was a big guy with long hair and moustache, his partner was a very slim girl with short hair. They are very playful with their dancing, and the crowd enjoyed it. We had seen them perform the other night at Porteno Bailarin. I danced with Fabian and Pancho, feeling my body warming up. It is always always so pleasant to dance with them, which of course they are one of the best dancers!

After some time, with Fabian, we moved on to Porteno Bailarin which is located 5 minutes away from El Beso to finish off the night. I was getting quite sleepy and tired. The place seemed to be finishing off too, but we stayed, Fabian left. I can feel my fatigue in my body while I danced with a couple of people. My conscious was going away, and I don't quite remember who I danced with. I danced one beautiful dance with Ernesto Balmaceda. He leads very gently and smooth, with long dainty steps. Then, who else?? At some point, we left the place, and I barely remember, I was so so tired. I guess all the excitement and dancing had piled up!

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