Biography of Naomi Hotta

Naomi Hotta
Semi Finalists in Buenos Aires Metropolitan Championships 2015
USA Tango Salon Champion 2013
USA Tango Stage 2nd Place 2013
Finalists in Tango Salon World Championships 2013
Finalists in Tango Salon World Championships 2004
Naomi Hotta

Naomi was born in the United States. At the age of 11, she and her family moved to Tokyo. Always active, she started her Rhythmic Sports Gymnastics training which developed her extensive dance techniques and flexibility. Five years later, she joined her university's flamenco dance troupe, where she realized her passion for Latin music and dance. Encountering salsa, her dance career took off.

In 2001, in recognition of her extraordinary talent for salsa, Naomi was invited to join the world-renowned Los Angeles-based Salsa Brava Dance Company. Salsa Brava led Naomi to a series of teachings and performances around the world, including Puerto Rico, Korea, Switzerland, and Japan. She has also won numerous salsa competitions in Los Angeles.

Naomi was exposed to Argentine Tango while teaching salsa, swing, and ballroom dance classes at Southern California's West Los Angeles and Harbor Colleges. Her attraction to Argentine Tango was instantaneous. In 2004, in order to further her tango abilities, she traveled to Buenos Aires, the Mecca of tango, where she spent 5 months in rigorous training and nightly milonga dancing. There she attained top-caliber techniques and absorbed the essence of tango. Her great maestros included Jorge Dispari & Maria del Carmen, Fernando Galera, Carlos Perez, Fabian Peralta & Virginia Pandolfi, Francisco Forquera and Carolina Bonaventura, alongside numerous milongueros. She competed in the Second World Tango Competition Salon Category, where she surpassed more than 280 couples, ranking in the top 20 of the world. Since 2004, she has been periodically returning to Buenos Aires to maintain and further her tango skills and expression.

After years of teaching, performing, and organizing events in Los Angeles, as well as other cities in the US, she decided to participate in the 2013 USA Tango Championships where she and her partner, Laurent Lazure, won the official title. This opportunity led them to fly to Buenos Aires to compete in the World Championships representing the US, where they ended up becoming one of the few finalists. Since this trip, her spark for Buenos Aires reignited where she made a decision to move to the mecca of Tango.

She has been actively teaching and performing on a regular basis in Buenos Aires amongst top level dancers. After arriving, she has danced in the popular Caminito street for several months with Leo Ortiz and Diego Quispe. Then performing with Ortiz in milongas such as Canning, Porteno y Bailarin, Gricel, and Sin Rumbo. This year she has had the honor to partner Maestro Carlos Copello in several exhibitions in milongas such as La Viruta, Sunderland Club, and Floreal. She was also his partner, at the Rojo Tango Show in Faena Hotel for several months as the principal figure. Currently, she has been working together with Julio Ariel Azorin, dancing in the show El Cruce, under the direction of maestros Vanesa Villalba and Facundo Pinero, continues to train with top level stage maestros as such, as well as teaching and exhibiting around Buenos Aires.

Naomi's love, passion, and devotion for the dance is everlasting. Her fluidity and grace are second to none. Her patient and detailed ways of teaching are highly sought after by her students. She strives to continuously explore and evolve as a dancer. Naomi's goal is to one day become an old milonguera, expressing her life's experiences through tango.