Choreography of Stage Artentine Tango
Your original tango choreography to impress
your audience for stages, shows,
film, weddings, parties, or any occasion.
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What is it like to dance Tango in front of an audience?

Choreography of Stage Tango Performances in Los Angeles

Have you ever wanted to dance tango passionately and express yourself in front of an audience? Imagine yourself moving flawlessly to the music with your partner. The magic of a choreography is that we can plan out the dance to your chosen music, to best match your style and show off the dance at what ever level you're at. You will be able to impress your audience no matter what dance experience you may have.

Choreography pieces can be made specifically for the ocassion that you are inspired to dance tango such as; theater stage, shows, film, weddings, parties, events, etc. If you are interested in combining tango movements in other types of dancing, Naomi has extensive experience with a variety of dances and will be able to assist in creating an artistic dance piece for you.

Each choreography will be your own original piece. Tango Choreography can be made to any type of music you prefer, so please don't hesitate to discuss. With step by step instruction you will be able to understand the harmony between the tango movements and the music. You will be dancing the authentic Argentine tango in no time.

Your center stage spotlight is just a step away!