COMING UP! JUNE 27~ JULY 4, 2015: FALL IN LOVE with Buenos Aires Tango Tour!

HOTTANGO TOURS is brought to you by Naomi Hotta to share the love she has for Tango and the city where it flourishes.

Naomi met Tango in 2002 where she felt an instantaneous connection to the dance. The way two dancers flowed in the dance as one was intriguing and magical. In 2003, less than a year after she started, she decided to visit Buenos Aires, the mecca of Tango where she fell completely in love. Tango was everywhere: the old cobblestone streets, the heavy set buildings made of stone, the cafes & busy streets that stay alive throughout the night, the passionate and lyrical lunfardo Spanish that they spoke, and Tango music that you hear around the city. The milongas felt as though you time-traveled and you were in another time period, as though the dancers had always been dancing there since the 1920s or even before. But then, you encounter the other modern milongas where the young & hip dance tango as though it were a casual night out at the bar. You might see tango dancers on the city streets under the sun, in the dust, with sweat and the urge to survive in this city with their passion, as you might see Tango shows in magnificent theaters with beautiful make-up and elegant wardrobe, presenting the other image of a more refined culture.

The old & the young, the wild and the elegant, the rough and the refined, blends in this city seamlessly, where those contrasting faces keeps interchanging on you. It’s striking, it’s strong, it makes you dizzy and makes an impression on you, just like when you taste the “mate” tea for the first time. This is when you realize that Tango is not just a dance. Tango is a history, a culture, the people, the respect for these, and a way of life.

Naomi is here to personally guide you into this exciting city with her experiences of visiting as a tourist in her earlier trips, the knowledge as a current resident, and as a passionate Tango dancer. The tour itself is thoroughly thought out to offer locations and activities that are the best of the best, such as staying in a trendy boutique hotel in Palermo Soho, eating out at one of Naomi’s first choice high end steak houses, a fancy tango dinner show in the gorgeous Esquina Carlos Gardel, tango classes with world renown masters that Naomi highly recommends, and nightly outings to her favorite milongas. Safety and quality service is her mission, and she will be making sure you enjoy your stay.

Come join HOTTANGO TOURS for an unforgettable experience as you FALL IN LOVE!




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7 nights at Palermo Soho's trendy boutique hotel


Classes and Milongas to fall in LOVE with Tango and Buenos Aires!


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