HOTTANGO TOURS is brought to you by Naomi Hotta to share the love she has for Tango and the city where it flourishes.

Naomi is a Tango dancer that has been living in Buenos Aires since January of 2014. After multiple visits to Buenos Aires since 2003, it has been her dream to live in this city that pulses with the rhythm of Tango. She fell completely in love with the city on her first trip. Being in the city gives you an understanding of Tango in a way you can’t in any other part of the world. The sensation of walking up to a milonga and hearing the Tango music pouring out of the doors. Being inside the milonga hearing the music echoing off of the walls while you watch the multitude of dancers flowing around the room all night long. Some things just can’t be expressed enough with words. Since that first trip, she has been enchanted by the magic of the city finally giving in to it in 2014 to make the decision to move to live in the city of Tango.

She has been an avid member of the Tango community in Los Angeles for over 12 years, teaching, performing and organizing festivals and milongas. In 2013, she won the title as US Champion, bringing her to Buenos Aires to compete in the World Championships where she successfully became one of the finalists.

She is now actively dancing, performing, taking classes, and teaching in the tango community in Buenos Aires. Well connected to many dancers and milongas, Naomi will be able to guide you through your experience of discovering Tango in a way you haven’t yet. She is also a well known foodie, and will be able to give you some recommendations of delicious food spots in the city so you will not end up eating only empanadas during your stay, although this could be fun as well. With her experience working in the hospitality industry in Japan, she is keen on offering quality and attentive service before and throughout the tour assuring to make your tour a safe, comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Join HOTTANGO TOURS and Naomi will be happy to guide you through your magical Tango journey in Buenos Aires!