Register for the JUNE 27~ JULY 4, 2015: FALLING IN LOVE with Buenos Aires Tango Tour!

This will be a fun and exciting week in Buenos Aires encountering the city of Tango! This tour is limited to only 20 participants, so register early to assure your spot in the tour. Be excited to FALL IN LOVE!

Register for the JUNE 27th~ July 4th, 2015: FALLING IN LOVE with Buenos Aires Tango Tour!

Standard Registration

$2222until May 27, 2015 (PST)


until March 31, 2015 (PST)

Late Registration

$2333after May 28, 2015 (PST)

Please read carefully!

* Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email with some questions regarding your itinerary, tango experiences, and details. If you don’t hear back after 24 hours please contact us to assure your registration has been completed properly.

** Please check this page: if you are a US or Canadian citizen as you will need to pay an entrance fee to Argentina before your trip. Please do not forget to do this as they will not allow you to board your plane if you don’t have this document in hand.

*** HOTTANGO TOURS will always consider your safety and comfort during the trip. Nonetheless, we advise that you obtain your own travel insurance upon registration as HOTTANGO TOURS will not be liable for any losses, damages, injuries that may occur during the tour. Argentina is a friendly and exciting city, but like any city in the world, you will want to protect your belongings and pay attention to your surroundings. Travel insurance is recommended in order to protect you in any possible situations of emergency.

Cancellation Policy!

We understand that sometimes situations can arise and your plans may change. Due to allocating rooms and other arrangements upon confirmation of your participation, the following cancellation terms will apply. When we confirm your request for cancellation, we will gladly refund you the tour fees with the following amount deducted.

Non refundable 25% cancellation fee on or before March 11th
Non refundable 50% cancellation fee on or after March 12th
Non refundable 75% cancellation fee on or after April 4th



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