• Abundant amount of classes, 12.5 hours of classes in total
  • Tango partnering and technique classes by world renowned masters that Naomi highly recommends!
  • One-on-one taxi dancers to partner you in the group classes!
  • Fun Chacarera classes and relaxing yoga-stretch classes for your entertainment and pleasure
  • A gorgeous tango show at Esquina Carlos Gardel to inspire you
  • Enjoy the milongas every night to dance your feet off!


If you would like to prepare yourself with some Tango classes in Los Angeles before your trip to Buenos Aires, check out with Ilona!


Naomi is choosing her favorites to accompany you in the tour: her teachers that are world renowned masters that have helped her excel in her Tango, stretching classes with her yoga teacher that helps her maintain her body, her technique teacher that gets her on her axis, her gaucho friend that makes her laugh, the Tango show that left her in awe, and the milongas she loves to go to.

The Tango partnering group classes are 1.5 hours for 5 days by world renown masters highly recommended that will be teaching various ideas/concepts/sequences for all levels of tango dancers. Each class will be partnered by personal one-on-one taxi dancers to assure that you have a faster and efficient learning experience. There will also be an hour of Tango technique class before the partnering class to reinforce your basics and gain further understanding of body awareness in the Tango dance.

Optional stretching class and chacarera class is provided as part of the tour. These classes will be held in the AM hours to start your day off happy and relaxed. Stretching classes offered 3 days will be led by a professional yoga instructor and the chacarera classes offered 2 days will be by a popular gaucho/folkloric dancer.

On one of the nights we will be heading out to the famous Esquina Carlos Gardel for a gorgeous show of Tango dance and music, and a delicious dinner. It’s one of Naomi’s favorite shows in town, with a beautiful theater that wows you and a level of dancing that is exquisite. Be excited to be inspired and awed.

Last but not least, we will head out to the milongas every night. Some nights, we will be going to one milonga, other nights possibly two. Naomi will find the exciting milongas of the week to have a fulfilling milonga experience. There will be group shared taxi dancers so you will be getting a tanda or two during the night. You can challenge yourself to enjoy the cabaceos in the milonga to find your own dances through the night, or we can support you by hiring a personal taxi dancer. Cabaceos are a fun and interesting culture, Naomi will be happy to chat about it during the tour. You may also want to read her tips about the codes and etiquettes of the milonga that she wrote about, check out the Top 10 tips for Tango Dancers to begin with and she can tell you more about it. Any other questions and concerns, feel free to contact Naomi before your trip.