Wedding Dance
10 Tips for your Wedding First Dance!

1. Starting your lesson

Start your lessons early on so you don't feel rushed before the wedding. It gets busier as you approach the wedding, have ample time to get your lessons and your practice in. One lesson a week would be the ideal schedule so you can have time to practice in between.

2. Choosing your wedding song

Choose a song that you both love and connect with. The song should be no more than 2~3 minutes long as you don't want to let it drag. If it's too long, you can get it edited or ask the DJ to fade it out. A song with a good beat would also help you to hear and dance to the music, especially if you are new to dancing. Try playing the song and if you naturally can tap your foot or clap your hands to it, then you're good to go. Decide whether you want a full choreography to this music or if you feel more comfortable improvising some moves.

3. Taking lessons and practicing

Plan well, so you can fit the lessons and your practices into your busy schedules. Try to see if you can fit a couple of practice sessions between your lessons even if it is to run through the song once. Perhaps dance a couple of times before you go to bed? And most of all, enjoy dancing together with each other! It's a creation which takes two!

4. Knowing your floor

Get the dimension of your dance floor. Do you have space to do dramatic moves? Or do you need to keep your dance more compact? Where will your audience be? Let your dance teacher know if there are any specifications of the floor that you'd like to have your dance choreographed around.

5. Shoe compatibility with the floor

If you know the floor dimensions, it's also important to try your dancing shoes on the floor, if you can in advance (even if it is the day of). Especially if you are wearing high-heels that you are not used to. See if the floor is not too slippery or sticky. You may want to change the soles of your shoes if it doesn't work. Rubber works on slippery floors, hard leather works on sticky floors, suede works on floors that are in between. Bring them to a shoe repair shop to get the soles changed out/ added if necessary.

6. Dancing in your shoes

Make sure you practice in your shoes so that you can already feel comfortable in them. This will also help to stretch them out enough so you won't have sore feet on the day of. Hard leather shoes or high-heels can sometimes be uncomfortable on the first wear...!

7. Dancing in your wedding dress

Make sure all your moves can be done with your wedding dress. Let your dance teacher know if the dress will give you any limitations. Move around in it, if you have the chance to. Wear your petticoat and practice so the both of you can get used to having a fluffy long dress around you when you dance.

8. Giving your music to the DJ

Make sure your DJ can play your music. Have a backup copy of your music just in case. Give your DJ instructions on how you will enter and exit the dance so they can play/stop the music at the timing necessary.

9. Getting the best photos

Let your photographer know if there are certain photo opps. Where would be the ideal location for the photo to be taken from? Perhaps you'd want to also ask your dance teacher to create a dramatic pose so you can get a great photo moment? And, don't forget to smile!

10. Enjoy the dance

So, now that it's time to dance, just relax, breathe, look at each other, connect with your new husband/wife and let the dance begin. This is your shiny moment where everybody can get a peek of the beautiful relationship that you both have. Be there for each other, focus on each other, and just simply enjoy the dance! Your friends and family will love it, no matter what!